Monday, September 21, 2009

Anyone Like Cheap Magazines?

Right now, Amazon is offering a DEEP discount on a subscription of InStyle. You can get it for only $5.00 for the one year subscription! There are also discounts offered on other subscriptions. Time is very cheap if you have someone you know that is interested in this!

You can just click here for the InStyle subscription.

All others you can view on Amazon's website. Just search for the magazines you enjoy. Please note, not all subscriptions are at a great rate. Be sure to check now and again, because they will change what is offered at discount every now and again!

I have been meaning to get another subscription to Family Fun. I find that it has so much neat information. Well, I ended up getting InStyle, Parents and Family Fun all for $15.22! It would have been more but, apparently, if you are a first time customer, you get $10 off of your first purchase!

Happy Shopping!!

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  1. TIME magazine is left-wing propaganda! don't subscribe!!! Buy Glenn Beck's "How to Argue with Idiots" AMAZING BOOK