Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Give-A-Way Details

Because of all of the ads you see, this blog earns money.  The more the ads are clicked, the more money it earns.  I don't intend to, in any way, make a living from these ads.  If I can earn some gas money every now and again, or have some money to help pay for the cable bill that runs the internet for me... great!  However, since it is not only me that is earning the money, since I am not permitted to click the ads; I feel as though I should share with everyone else.  So, here are the details of the give-a-way:

Everytime that I receive a payout, I will put up 'contests' that will earn a gift card to the grocery store of your choice.  The amount of the gift card will vary depending on the 'contest' but it will always be no less than $25! 

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