Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sorry, folks!

Please know that I have not forgotten about you all. I am just very sick and feel awful. I am trying to rest whenever possible. I will be back as soon as I can!

SundayCouponPreview is up for those of you that want to check out which coupons will be in the paper on Sunday!


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sales Ad For This Week

The ads/match-ups for this week can be found at the links below.



Food Lion


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

New Coupons!

Now that a new month has started, you can now print different coupons from those printable coupon websites that I have linked to this blog! I found several that I could use!

Happy Shopping!!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

My Great Shopping Trip!

For those of you who did not know, Publix offers a 'mystery item' for a penny every Sunday and Monday. You can find the coupon for this item in the insert on Sunday or at the turnstyle where the ads are in the front of the store. All you have to do is to spend $10. When it is something really great, like toilet paper, I will have my husband go with me and get stuff in a different transaction. We have even went to three different stores when we were going to be around other locations.

For those that are interested... check out my latest shopping trip by clicking here.

Happy Shopping!


Saturday, October 3, 2009

RedPlum Insert For Tomorrow (10-4)

You can see the coupons that are listed for the RedPlum sections by clicking here.

Friday, October 2, 2009

For those of you who need diapers, check them out! You can even use this code (MXMT8509) to get $10 off your first order. Please note that your order MUST contain diapers in order to work! You can use my e-mail address to get your discount as well!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Starbucks Freebie (valid October 2-5)

To get everyone to try their new instant coffee, Starbucks is offering a promotion. You can go to any Starbucks store on the dates listed above and just for trying the instant one, you get a free tall coffee! Hey, free is free!! (Please note, from my understanding of things, this will be in the form of a coupon of some sort to use on your NEXT trip!)

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

This Sunday's Coupons

The listing for the coupons that are going to be in this week's paper is up. As of the time of this post, the SmartSource sections (yes, 2!) are listed. I am linking them and will add the RedPlum when it gets put on the site!

SmartSource Coupons For October 4th

RedPlum Coupons For October 4th

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Weekly Sales

This week's sales (that start tomorrow) can be found by clicking the store that you wish to go to.

Food Lion

For those that shop at Ingles, their sales start on Sunday and go through Saturday night. You can see their sales by clicking here.

Give-A-Way Details

Because of all of the ads you see, this blog earns money.  The more the ads are clicked, the more money it earns.  I don't intend to, in any way, make a living from these ads.  If I can earn some gas money every now and again, or have some money to help pay for the cable bill that runs the internet for me... great!  However, since it is not only me that is earning the money, since I am not permitted to click the ads; I feel as though I should share with everyone else.  So, here are the details of the give-a-way:

Everytime that I receive a payout, I will put up 'contests' that will earn a gift card to the grocery store of your choice.  The amount of the gift card will vary depending on the 'contest' but it will always be no less than $25! 

Monday, September 28, 2009

Meal-Planning Tools

I have found that my one weakness when it comes to saving money is eating out.  It is quick and I don't have to clean up the mess afterwards.  If given the choice, I would do it everyday.  That having been said, I was shocked when I actually looked at my purchases.  I had spent more on eating out that I thought I had.  Now that you know that, you should already know that I have problems with meal-planning.  I found a wonderful site that has all sorts of interesting information.  You can visit this site and get all sorts of recipes, snack ideas and even a meal planner that you can do online and print!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Bath & Body Works Deal! (valid only through Sunday, September 27th!)

Bath & Body Works has the antibacterial soaps on sale 3 for $10!  They also have a coupon that you can print and take with you to the store (or use it online if you choose) and get one free.  That would be four soaps for $10!  At a cost of $2.50 each, I will be going with my husband tomorrow to buy up teacher gifts!  This will be really great for us since we have three kids that are in school!

Please note that you MUST use it tomorrow as it is the last day to do it!  Happy Shopping!

Update On The Posting Of Sales

Due to time contraints and people not wanting their information posted on another forum, I will be linking you to the sales ad write-ups from other sites.  Please note, that none of these are from this area but they still normally have the same ads. 

I will still be putting my purchases up.  I will also have coupon preview linked.  I welcome any questions and/or concerned.  I will be happy to help where I can.  If I don't have an answer for you; odds are that I know someone out there who will.


Thursday, September 24, 2009

9.27 Coupon Inserts

There are three sections that are in newspapers.  P&G Brand Saver, Red Plum and Smart Source.  Not all three are always in the paper together.  Then again, some weeks you will have two Red Plums, three Smart Sources and a P&G.  It all depends on the week.  Make sure you check the preview to see if it is better for you to buy a bunch of papers or if it is better for you to just order the ones that you need.  Also, when you go to purchase your papers; make sure you stand there and check EACH paper for the inserts that it is supposed to have.  I cannot tell you how many times that (when I was starting out) I would purchase 15 papers at a store and get home only to notice that many, if not all, were missing some or all of the inserts. 

When judging by the preview, please note that the lists that they are making are the inserts to a particular area.  ALL inserts, including the Brand Saver have different issues for different regions.  In these different issues, the amount off and/or products that the coupon is for will differ.  For example, you may get a coupon for "SAVE $2 ON ANY OLAY BAR PACK" while someone in Arkansas may get only $1 off.  Get it?  So, when you are checking to make sure the inserts are in papers while buying them; look through the sets of inserts to double check the amounts off of the coupons you were interested in.

When Target puts out store coupons in the paper, we don't normally get those.  The reason for Target is because (I have made assumptions, at least!) that we do not have a 'Super Target' in our area.  Those that do get the coupons do have the Super Targets in their area.

(xX/XX) after coupon = expiration date
(x) before coupon = multiple of same coupon
E-T-S = excludes trial sizes
DND-5 = coupon states Do Not Double, barcode starts w/ a 5  (These, 90% of the time WILL double!)


2000 Flushes Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner – 55 cents off any 1 (x12/31/09)

Act mouthwash, 18oz – $1.00 off any 1 (x12/31/09)

Act mouthwash, 33oz – $2.00 off any 1 (x12/31/09)

Air Wick Aqua Essences Aerosol – 50 cents off any 1 (x11/01)

Air Wick Scented Oil twin refill pack or 2 single refills – $1.00 off (x11/08)

Air Wick Warmer Unit FREE wyb any Air Wick Scented Oil Refill Fragrance – up to $2.19 value (x11/08)

Carnation Evaporated Milk cans – 50 cents off any 2 (x12/31/09)

Celestial Seasonings Tea Bags, 18ct + – $1.00 off any 1 (x12/27/09)

Clearasil product, any – $1.00 off any 1 (x12/20/09)

Colgate 360 Toothbrush – $1.00 off any 1 (x10/17)

Colgate Total Enamel Strength, Advanced Whitening, Advanced Clean or Advanced Fresh Toothpastes only, 4oz+ – $1.00 off any 1 (x10/17)

Enfamil Premium with Triple Health Guard, 23.4oz+ powder – $5.00 off any 1 (x11/30)

Halls 20ct+ Single Bag – 35 cents off any 1 (x11/7)

Halls Refresh Hard Candy – 75 cents off any 1 bag (x11/7)

Hershey’s Special Dark Bag or Hershey’s Extra Dark Bar or Bag, 3.5oz+ – $1.00 off any 1 (x11/01)

Hershey’s, Reese’s or Kit Kat Snack Size Bags, 9-22oz – $1.00 off any 3 (x10/17)

Irish Spring Body Wash, excludes 2.5oz size, any 1 OR Irish Spring Multi-bar Soap Packs, 3bar+, any 2 – 50 cents off (x10/17)

L’Oreal EverPure Shampoo, Conditioner, or Treatment – $2.00 off any 1 (x12/20/09)

Little Debbie Chocolate Cupcakes – 75 cents off 1 box (x12/31/09)

Marie Callender’s Pasta Al Dente Frozen Meals – $1.00 off any 2 (x11/22)

Marie Callender’s Pot Pies – $1.00 off any 3 (x11/15)

Miralax 14-dose or 10ct carton – $2.00 off any 1 (x11/08)

Miralax 30-dose bottle – $4.00 off any 1 (x11/8)

Miralax 30-dose bottle – $5.00 off any 1 (x10/11)

Mrs. Smith’s Bakery Product, 30oz+ including Deep Dish Apple, Cinnamon Apple Crumb, Deep Dish Cherry, Lemon meringue, or Chocolate Crème – 75 cents off any 1 (x12/31/09) DND-5

(2)Nature Made Vitamins – $1.00 off any 1 (x10/27)

Ore-Ida French Fries or Tater Tots Frozen Potatoes – $1.50 off any 2 bags (x11/22)

Palmolive Dish Liquid 25oz – 25 cents off any 1 (x10/17)

Palmolive Pure+Caring or Pure+Clear Dish Liquid 20zo – 75 cents off any 1 (x10/17)

TMF MIR FORM – Buy any one 20oz Palmolive Pure+Caring or Pure+Clear product between 9/27 and 10/27. Mail completed original form with original store-identified register receipt dated between 9/27-10/27, with price circled and UPC number written on receipt. Receive refund up to $2.99 by mail. Postmark by 11/27 and received by 12/4

Pepperidge Farm Cookies, 3oz+ – 75 cents off any 1 (x11/30)

Purina Friskies Natural Sensations brand Cat Treats, any variety – FREE up to $2.25 value (x11/30)

Sargento Salad or Potato Finishers – 75 cents off any 1 (x10/31)

Schick Disposable Razors, any – $1.00 off any 1 (x11/8)

Science Diet Simple Essentials Dog Treats, 12.3oz+ – $2.00 off any 1 (x10/31) DND-5

SeaPak Tilapia Tenders – $1.00 off any 1 (x11/30)

Seattle’s Best Coffee – $1.00 off any 1 (x12/31/09)

Softsoap Body Wash – 75 cents off any 1 (x10/17)

Speed Stick or Lady Speed Stick Antiperspirants/Deodorants – 75 cents off any 2 (x10/17)

Speed Stick Pro or 24/7 Antiperspirant/deodorant or Lady Speed Stick Clinical Proof or 24/7, excludes 0.5oz product – 75 cents off any 1 (x10/17)

Swanson Broth Carton, 32oz+ – 50 cents off any 2 (x11/8)

Swanson Stock Carton – 50 cents off any 1 (x11/8)

Swanson Broth Can, 14oz+ – 40 cents off any 3 (x11/8)

TGI Friday’s Anytime Quesadillas – $1.00 off any 1 (x11/28)

TGI Friday’s Complete Skillet Meals – $1.00 off any 1 (x11/28)

TGI Friday’s Snacks – $2.00 off any 4 (x11/28)

Visine All Day Eye Itch Relief, Totality Multi-symptom, or Total Eye Soothing Wipes – $2.00 off any 1 (x12/31/09)

Visine product, any – $1.00 off any 1 (x12/31/09)

Weight Watchers Yogurt, 6oz or 32oz – 55 cents off any 2 (x10/31)

White Cloud Bathroom Tissue or Paper Towel product – $1.00 off any 1 (x11/27)

Whole Body Cleanse internal cleansing system – $3.00 off any 1 (x12/31/09)

Aveeno product – $1.00 off any 1 (x12/31/09) *excludes cleansing bars and trial sizes

Aveeno products – $1.50 off any 2 (x12/31/09) *excludes cleansing bars and trial sizes

Bayer Heart Health Advantage AND any Bayer Aspirin product 24ct+ – $3.00 Off wyb Both (x12/31/09)

Bayer Heart Health Advantage Product – $1.50 off any 1 (x12/31/09)

Bayer Quick Release Crystals 10ct+ – $1.50 off any 1 (x12/31/09)

Cesar Treats – $1.00 off any 1 (x10/25)

College Inn 14oz Can Chicken And Beef Broth – $1.00 off any 2 (x11/21)

College Inn 32oz Aseptic Chicken and Beef Broth – $1.00 off any 1 (x11/21)

Deer Park brand Natural Spring Water 1-Gallon+ jugs – B2G1 FREE up to $1.10 value (x10/24)

Deer Park brand Natural Spring Water 700mL 6pk – $1.00 off any 2 (x10/24)

Deer Park brand Natural Spring Water 8oz 12pks, 8oz with Fluoride or Aquapad 8pk – $1.00 off any 2 (x10/24)

Deer Park brand Sparkling Natural Spring Water .5L 6pk – $1.00 off any 2 (x10/24)

DeLallo Extra Virgin Olive Oil 16.9oz+ – $1.00 off any 1 (x12/31/09)

DeLallo Imported Pasta Sauce 24.3oz – $1.00 off any 1 (x12/31/09)

DeLallo Pasta Packages, Semolina, Organic Semolina, or Organic Whole Wheat – $1.00 off any 2 (x12/31/09)

Hefty OneZip Fresh Extend Bags – $1.00 off any 1 (x12/31/09)

Hillshire Farm Deli Select Ultra Thin or Hearty Slices Lunchmeats, 8oz+ – $1.00 off any 2 (x10/25)

Hot Pockets or Lean Pockets brand Breakfast Sandwiches 9-20oz – 75 cents off any 1 (x12/20/09)

Isaly’s Barbecue Sauce – 25 cents off any 1 (x12/31/09)

Isopure Plus Nutrition or Zero Carb Drink 6pk – $1.00 off any 1 (x12/31/09)

L’Oreal Excellence or Excellence to-Go – $1.00 off any 1 (x12/20/09)

Lea & Perrins Thick Classic Worcestershire Sauce – $2.00 off any 1 (x11/22)

Libby’s Vegetables, canned – $1.00 off any 4 (x12/31/09)

Loud N Clear Sound Amplifier – $3.00 off any 1 (x12/30/09)

Mars Candy (huge list including M&Ms, Snickers, Skittles, Startburst, 3Musketeers, Milky Way, etc) Fun Size Bags – $1.00 off any 2 (x10/31)

One A Day Adult or Teen Multivitamin product 12ct+ – $2.00 off any 1 (x12/31/09)

One A Day Kids product – $1.00 off any 1 (x12/31/09)

Osteo Bi-Flex product – $6.00 off any 1 (x11/10)

Pedigree Dentastix Treats for Dogs – $1.00 off any 1 (x11/22)

Pedigree MarroBone Treats for Dogs – $1.00 off any 1 (x11/22)

Pillsbury Brownie Minis Brownie Mixes – $1.00 off any 2 (x12/31/09)

Pillsbury Easy Frost No-Fuss Frosting – $1.00 off any 2 (x12/31/09)

Robitussin product – $1.00 off any 1 (x12/31/09) *excludes Robitussin To Go 2ct

Robitussin To Go product – $1.00 off any 1 (x12/31/09) *excludes 2ct

SuperPretzels Soft Pretzel Item – 50 cents off any 1 (x11/27)

TARGET COUPON – save on Scope Mouthwash wyb TWO 4.2oz+ Crest Toothpastes – $2.00 off wyb all (x12/31/09)

Thermacare 2ct+ – $2.00 off any 1 (x11/30)

Whole Fruit Fruit Bar – 50 cents off any 1 (x11/27)


All Expire 10/31 unless otherwise noted!

Align product – $5.00 off any 1

Always Infinity 14ct+ – $1.00 off any 1

Always Pad, Clean, or Feminine Cleansing Cloth – 50 cents off any 1

Always Pantiliners 34ct+ – 50 cents off any 1

Bounty Napkins – 25 cents off any 1

Bounty Towels or Napkins – 25 cents off any 1

Cascade Rinse Aid, any size – $1.00 off any 1

Cascade, any size – 25 cents off any 1

Charmin Bathroom Tissue, any size – 25 cents off any 1

Crest Kids Toothpaste – $1.00 off any 1

Crest Premium Paste 4.1oz+ (crest multicare, extra whitening, whitening expressions, whitening plus scope, vivid white, sensitivity, or pro-health weekly clean) – $1.00 off any 1

Crest Rinse 440mL+ – $1.00 off any 1

Crest Toothpastes 4.1oz+ or liquid gel – $1.00 off any 2

Crest Whitestrips Advanced Seal 14ct only – $10.00 off any 1

Dawn – 25 cents off any 1

Dawn Direct Foam or Dawn Simple Pleasure – 50 cents off any 1

Dawn Plus Hand Renewal – 50 cents off any 1

Duracell CopperTop AA or AAA 4pk+, C,D,9v any size or PowerPix & Ultra Digital AA or AAA, Duracel Ultra Advanced AA or AAA, or Ultra Photo Lithium 123, 223, 245, CR2 or CR-V3 – 75 cents off any 1

Duracell Hearing Aid Batteries with EasyTab, 6pk+ – $1.50 off any 1

Febreze Air Effects FREE wby any Febreze Candle – no max value

Febreze Fabric Refresher – $1.00 off any 1

Febreze Noticeables Starter Kit – $4.00 off any 1

Fixodent Adhesive 1.2oz+ – 50 cents off any 1

Gillette Body Wash – $1.00 off any 1 E-T-S

Gillette Clinical Strength, any 1 OR any (2) Gillette deodorants – $2.00 off E-T-S

Gillette Fusion Razor – $4.00 off any 1

Gillette Fusion Shave Gel – $1.00 off any 1

Gillette Shampoo, Conditioner, or Styler – $1.00 off any 1 E-T-S

Luvs Diapers – $1.00 off any 1

Metamucil product – $1.00 off any 1

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser – BOGO no max value

Mr. Clean Spray FREE wyb any Mr. Clean Liquid – no max value

Nice ‘n Easy Hair Color product – $1.00 off any 1

Olay Bar Pack, Body Wash or In-Shower Body Lotion – $1.00 off any 1

Olay Facial Moisturizer or Cleanser – $1.00 off any 1

Olay Hand & Body Lotion, excludes 30mL – $1.00 off any 1

Old Spice Body Wash or Anti-perspirant/deodorant – $1.00 off any 2 (x11/30) E-T-S

Old Spice Pro Strength – $4.00 off any 2 (x11/30) E-T-S

Oral-B 3ct+ Refill brush head – $3.00 off any 1

Oral-B Floss Pick 45ct+, Satin Floss or Glide product – $1.00 off any 1

Oral-B Pulsar, CrossAction, Advantage, any 1 OR any (2) Indictors – 75 cents off

Oral-B Vitality Toothbrush or Rechargeable Toothbrush, includes Vitality, Sonic Complete, Professional Care, Pulsonic and Triumph – $5.00 off any 1

MIR FORM – Oral-B Plusonic, Professional Care or Sonic Complete Rechargable Toothbrsh – $15.00 Rebate. Offer Begins 9/27/09 and request must be postmarked by 11/14/09. One per name/address. Send Form and dated sales receipt with store name and price circled.

Pantene Styler – $1.00 off any 1

Pepto-Bismol product – 50 cents off any 1

Prilosec OTC product – $1.00 off any 1

Pringles cans 180g+ – $1.00 off any 4

Pringles Fat Free cans, 165g+ – 50 cents off any 2

Pringles Snack Stack, Stix, Minis, or Bold Bites product – 50 cents off any 1

Puffs Singles, any 3 OR any (1) Three Pack – 25 cents off

Pur or Pur Flavor Options System, pitcher or faucet mount – $3.00 off any 1

Pur Pitcher or Faucet Mount Multi-Pack Replacement Filters or Pur Refrigerator Filter – $3.00 off any 1

Scope Breath Mist or Breath Drops – 35 cents off any 1

Scope Mouthwash 710mL+ – 75 cents off any 1

Secret Flawless – 50 cents off any 1 (x11/30) E-T-S

Secret Flawless, Fresh Effects, Scent Expressions, or Smooth Effects – $2.00 off any 2 (x11/30) E-T-S

Swiffer Dust & Shine – BOGO no max value

Swiffer Dust & Shine or Swiffer Refills – 50 cents off any 1

Swiffer Dusters Starter Kit – 50 cents off any 1

Swiffer Sweeper Starter Kit – $1.00 off any 1

Swiffer WetJet Starter Kit or Swiffer SweepVac Starter Kit – $5.00 off any 1

Tag product – BOGO no max value (x11/30)

Tampax 18ct+ – 50 cents off any 1

Tide product, any size – $1.00 off any 1

Tide To Go, any size – 35 cents off any 1

Venus Embrace or Breeze Family 6ct or 8ct Cartridges – $2.00 off any 1

Venus Embrace or Breeze Family Systems Razor – $2.00 off any 1

Vicks product – $1.00 off any 1

**This list is from**

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What I Am Getting At Publix.

Below is what I am getting this week at Publix.

10 Lysol Basin, Tub & Tile (BOGO-so this will be 2.99 for two)
10 Spray'n'Wash spray bottles (BOGO-so this will be 2.99 for two)
2 Birds Eye Viola! Meals (BOGO-so this will be 4.99 for two)
10 Fantastic Cleaner (BOGO-so this will be 2.79 for two)
10 Smart Balance 50/50 Sticks  (BOGO= 3.49 for two)
10 YoPlus!  Yogurt (BOGO=2.50 for two)
2 Mt. Olive Pickle Jars (BOGO=2.19 for two)
4 Ronzoni Pasta (BOGO=1.30 for two)
10 Kellogg's Waffles (BOGO=1.99 for two)
4 Dole Fruit Gels (BOGO=2.69 for two)


10 Lysol Sprays=14.95
10 Spray'n'Wash=14.95
4 Birds Eye Meals=9.98
10 Fantastic Sprays=13.95
10 Smart Balance=17.45
10 YoPlus! = 12.50
2 Mt. Olive=2.19
4 Ronzoni Pastas=2.60
10 Kellogg's Waffles=9.95
4 Dole Gels=5.38
subtotal before coupons: $103.90

(10) .50/1 Lysol *doubling=$1/1=($10.00)
(10) .50/1 Spray'n'Wash*doubling=$1/1=($10.00)
(4) $1/1 Voila! = ($4.00)
(10) $1/1 Fantastic=($10.00)
(10) $1.50/1 Smart Balance Sticks=($15.00)
(10) $1/1 YoPlus!=($10.00)
(2) .50/1 Mt. Olive*doubling=$1/1=($2.00)
(2) $1/2 Ronzoni Printables=($2.00)
(5) Free Publix Bag wyb 2 Kellogg's Products (These are not included in my prices--they are just a bonus to what I was going to buy anyway.)
(4)$1/1 Dole Gel=($4.00)

My total, after coupons and sales will be: $36.90!

Since I never buy anything unless it is on sale, I don't consider the pre-sale price as 'savings' in my budget.  I only count the savings by coupons and the amount that they saved me off of the sale price.

My percentage of savings for this trip is:  64.48%

UPDATE!!!  There is a coupon for 3.00/5 Quaker Products in the Bi-Lo Bonus Saver.  If you are interested in getting anything from Publix; please note that they have a policy to accept competitor coupons.  It does say manufacturer on it, but they normally run it as a competitor.  So just hand it to them and don't say anything unless they ask for it.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Deals @ Publix (9.23-9.29)

This ad looks pretty promising if you have coupons to match up. Please note that 'SS' stands for SmartSource and 'RP' stands for Red Plum.

The following are the BOGO's:

Publix Deli Southern Style Potato Salad, 16 oz container

Campbell's Select Harvest Soups
  • .40/2 from 9.20 SS
  • .30/2, .40/2, .50/2 from 9.13 SS
Dole Fruit, Gels or Parfait Bowls
multiple coupons are in different magazines. (update later)

Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea Company Coffee, 16 oz bag

T. Marzetti’s Dressing, 12 or 15 oz jar, save up to 3.99
  • $1/1 Woman’s Day & Better Homes & Garden from September 2009
  • .50/1, .55/1, $1/1 8.30 RP 
Thomas’ English Muffins The Original, Plain, 12 oz pkg

Quaker Oats Oatmeal, Quick-1 Minute or Old Fashioned, 18 oz tube
$1.25/2 from 8.30 RP

Quaker Cap’N'Crunch Cereal, Life or Squares

Post Honey Bunches of Oats Cereal 13-18 oz box or Just Bunches! 17 oz box
- $2/1 printable (update with link later on)

Pillsbury Moist Supreme Cake Mix

Ronzoni Pasta, 12 or 16 oz box, (excluding Lasagna, Manicotti, Jumbo Shells, or Florentine)
$1/2 8.2 RP

Zatarain’s New Orleans Style Mix
.75/2, $1.25/3 9.13 RP

Aunt Jemima Syrup, 24 oz bottle
$1/2 from 8.30 RP

Aunt Jemima Pancake & Waffle Mix, 32 or 35 oz box
$1/2 from 8.30 RP

Kellogg’s Eggo Waffles or Special K
  • $1/2 Fuel For School Insert (please note that this expires 9.27)
  • Save $2.00 on Fruit WYB 2 Eggo Waffles from the Fuel For School Booklet
  • FREE Reusable Shopping Bag wyb Any 2 Kellogg’s Products from the yellow Advantage Buy booklet at the front of the store. 
Bantry Bay Mussels, 16 oz pkg

Ocean Spray Juice Cocktail, Cranergy or Juice Drinks in 4 pk or 6 pk,

La Famiglia DelGrosso Pasta Sauce, 26 ounce jar

Powerade in 8 pack of 20 oz bottles OR 10 pack of 12 oz bottles

Pompeian Extra Virgin Olive Oil 32 oz bottle
  • $1/1 printable is available (update with link later) 
Carroll Shelby’s Chili Kit Original Texas Brand: White Chicken or for Beef, Fix It Hot or Mild

A.1. Steak Sauce, 10 oz bottle
  • .55/1 Hangtag
  • Save $2 on Meat/Poultry wyb 2 Kraft Products Tearpad
  • Save $1 on Beef wyb 1 A.1. Steak Sauce Tearpad
Mt. Olive Sweet Relish or Pickles 16 ounce jar
  • .50/1, .75/1, $1/1 8.16 SS
  • .50/1 printable is available (will update link later) 
Quaker Quakes Rice Snacks
  • $1/3 Peelie 
Orville Redenbacher’s Popping Corn, Microwave, 6 or 10 pack
  • $1/2 8.2 SS
  • $1/1 All You from August 2009
 Nature’s Own Bread 24 ounce loaf

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups Minis, Hershey’s Kisses, Nuggets, Hugs, Kisses or York Peppermint Patties
  • B2G1 any Hershey’s Candy Bags Tearpad
  • .75/1 Any Hershey’s Product Peelie
  • $1/1 Hershey’s Kisses 10 ounces or larger 9.13 SS
Nabisco Ritz Crackers
  • FREE Nabisco Crackerfuls wyb 1 Ritz Crackers 8.23 SS 
Keebler Fudge Shoppe Cookies or Wafers or E.L. Fudge
  • $1/1 printable is available (update link later)
  • .55/1 Blinkie
  • $2/2 Peelie
  • Save $2 on Milk wyb any 2 Packages of Keebler Cookies
  • FREE Reusable Shopping Bag wyb Any 2 Kellogg’s Products from the yellow Advantage Buy booklet at the front of the store.

Yoplait Yo-Plus or Yo-Plus Light Yogurt 4 pack.
  • $1/1 printable is available (update with link later)
  • $1/1 9.13 General Mills Insert 
Kozy Shack Pudding, 22 oz tub
  • $1/2 8.23 SS
  • .55/1 8.16 SS
  • .55/1 All You June or August 2009
  • .35/1 Nothing Goes To Waist Booklet 
Smart Balance Spread 13 or 15 oz, or 2 pk with 7.5 oz tubs, or Spray
  • $1/2 9.13 RP
  • $1/2 printable (update link later) 
PhillySwirl Frozen Treats

New York Texas Toast, Olde World Ciabatta Cheese Rolls or Garlic & Parmesan Pizzeria Dip’N'Sticks

Kahiki Meals, 32 oz package

Smart Balance 50/50 Sticks: Omega-3, Original Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • $1.50/1 9.13 RP
  • $1/1 printable is available (update link later)
Purina Tidy Cats Cat Litter or Box Filler 14 lb package
  • $1/1 8.9 RP 
Spray ‘n Wash Laundry Stain Remover Advanced or Max with Resolve Power
  • .50/1 9.13 SS
  • .75/1 printable (will update link later) 
Fantastik Cleaner or Lysol Basin, Tub & Tile Cleaner Aerosol
  • .75/1, $1/1 8.02 SS
  • $1/1 SC Johnson Booklet 
Right Guard Xtreme Anti-Perspirant & Deodorant
  • $1/2 8.16 SS 
Birds Eye Voila! Meal

Ore-Ida Steam n’ Mash Potatoes
  • $1/1 Blinkie (in some areas) 
Gorton’s Fish, 18.2-24.5 ounce packages
  • .40/1, .55/1, $1/2 9.13 SS
  • *a printable is available if bagged fish is included (update later)

Sourdough Round French Bread, 16 oz loaf, 2.59

Cinnamon Nut Coffee Cake, 11 oz size, 4.29

Chicago Hard Rolls, 6 ct, 9 oz pkg, 1.99

Three Seed Whole Grain Bread, 16 oz pkg, 4.49

Butter Loaf Cake, 12 oz loaf, 3.49

Round Italian Pizza Dough, 16 oz size, 1.99

Carrot Bar Cake, 19 oz size, 4.49

Buttermilk Biscuits, 6 ct, 18 oz pkg, 2.59


4 Grain Large Eggs, Omega 3, Vegetarian Brown or All Natural, 2/$4

Pillsbury Grands! Biscuits, 16.3 or 17.3 oz can, 4/$5

  • $1/3 from 8-09-09 GM
  • $1/2 Honey Butter Grands – Better at Home Booklet
  • $1/3; $.35/1 from07-12-09 SS  
  • $1/1 printable is available will post link later on  
  • $1/2 printable is available will post link later on 
  • $1 off Pillsbury Biscuits Or Bread, WYB (1) Progresso Soup, Any (Publix Coupon) – 09-13-09 SS

Publix GreenWise Market Soymilk, 64 oz carton, 2.39

Publix GreenWise Market Organic Eggs, 3.29

Publix GreenWise Market Organic Juice, Cranberry or Grape, 64 oz bot, 3.99

Nestle Coffee-Mate Flavored Creamers, 32 oz bot, (excluding non-dairy creamers), 2/$5
  • $1/1 printable is available will update link later on
  • $1/2 Blinkie 
  • $1/2 Nestle School Days Made Simple Booklet 
  • $.50/1, $1/2 from 08-09-09 RP 
  • $1/2; $.50/1 from 06-28-09 RP 
  • $.55/1 PRINT
  •  $1.50/2 PRINT

Publix Heavy Whipping Cream, 16 oz carton, 1.99

Simply Potatoes, 20 or 24 oz pkg, 2/$4

Publix Cottage Cheese, 16 oz cup, 1.15

Publix Shredded Cheese, 8 oz pkg, 3/$5

Kraft American Cheese Singles, Yellow or White, 16 oz pkg, 2/$5

  • .75/2 Kraft Foods Food & Family, September 2009
Smart Balance Milk 1%, Fat Free or Lactose-Free Fat Free: with Omega-3 and Vitamin E, half gallon, 2/$5
  • $1.50/2 from 09-20-09 RP
  • .55/1, $.70/1 Blinkie

Publix Deli Fresh Chilled Rotisserie Chicken, 4.99, Hot, 5.99

Sabra Hummus, 10 oz pkg, 2/$5

  •  $1.50/1 printable is available will update link later on

Publix Deli Turkey Half Sub Combo, with drink and chips, 4.99

Boar’s Head Lower Sodium Deluxe Ham, 8.59/lb

Publix Popcorn Chicken, 4.99/lb

Boar’s Head Lacey Swiss Cheese, 8.99/lb


Marie Callender’s Dinner or Pot Pie, 10 to 21 oz box, 4/$10
  • $1/2 All You Sept. 2009 
Blue Bell Ice Cream, half gallon, 3.99

  • $1/2 Tearpad 
  • $1/1 printable is available will update link later on 

El Monterey Tornados, 8.4 oz box, 2/$4

  • $1/1 Blinkie
  • $1/1 from 08-02-09 SS 
  • $.55/1 Tearpad 
  • Be sure to look for Try Me Free Peelies on the Box

Banquet Meals, 6.5 to 10.25 oz box

  • $1/4 All You August 2009
  • Also look for specially marked boxes that contain coupons inside 

Sara Lee Desserts, 7 to 30 oz pkg, 50% off

  • $1/1 Sara Lee Cheesecake Item 8-23-09 RP 

Farm Rich Mozzarella Cheese Sticks or Bites, Quesadilla Slices or Panini, 20 to 28 oz bag, 2/$10

  • .75/1 Tearpad
  • $1/1 Peelie 

Tyson Skillet Creations Entrees Grilled: Chicken Tuscany Penne Pasta, Chicken Fajitas, Steak Fajitas, or Stroganoff with Noodles or Asian Style Orange Chicken, 22 or 24 oz bag, 4.99

  • $1/1, $1/2 Blinkie
  • $1/1 from 07-26-09 SS 

Stouffer’s Lean Cuisine 5 to 12.5 oz box, 4/$10

  • $1/2, $1/3, $1/5 09-13-09 RP
  • $2/3 All You Sept 2009
  •  $1/3 All You June 2009

Birds Eye Steamfresh Frozen Vegetables, 10 to 13 oz bag, or Corn on the Cob, 4 ct bag (including steam and serve trays), 50% off

  • $1/2 Steam n’ Serve Blinkie 
  • $1/3; $.35/1; $1/2; $.50/1 from 09-13-09 SS
  • $1/4 printable is available--update link later on
Freschetta Pizza, 12.6 to 30.5 oz box, 2/$10

  • $1/1 from 09-13-09 SS
  • $1/1 Peelie
  • $1/1 printable is available--update link later 


Kashi Cereal or Granola, 7.5 to 17.5 ox box, or Instant Oatmeal, 11.28 or 12.1 oz box, or Bars, 6.7 to 8.4 oz box, 2/$5

  • $1.50/1 Honey Sunshine PRINT
  • $1/1 Any Kashi Cereal PRINT
  • .75/1 This Kashi Product Peelie
  • $1/1 Honey Sunshine Vocalpoint Mailer
 General Mills Cereal Trix, Cocoa Puffs, or Golden Grahams, 10.7 to 12 oz box, 1.99
  • $1/2 Better at Home Booklet
  • $1/3 from 9-13-09 GM
  • $.75/1 Cocoa Puffs printable through
  • $.55/1 Trix printable through
  • FREE Reuseable Shopping Bag wyb 2 General Mills Products 9-12-09 GM, Big Savings Flyer or printable link insert here later on
  • Save $1.00 on OJ wyb any General Mills Cereal 9-12-09 GM, Big Savings Flyer or PRINT
Chef Boyardee, 14.5 to 15 oz can, 10/$10
  • B1G1 Con Agra $34 in Savings Booklet
  • B3G1 All You August 2009
Capri Sun Drinks, 10 pk, 6 oz pkg, (excluding 100% Capri Sun Juice), 3/$6

  • Save $2 wyb any 1 Nabisco Multi-Packs and any 2 Beverages CapriSun or Kool-Aid Jammers
  • $1/3 Blinkie

Starbucks Coffee, 10 or 12 oz bag, 6.99

  • $1/1 Starbucks Booklet Q 
  • $1/1 from 07-29-09 SS 

Coca-Cola 12 pk, 12 oz can, 3/$12

  •  $1/2 Tearpad 
Aquafina Pure Water, 24 pk, 16.9 oz bot, 3.99

Coca-Cola 2L bottles, 2/$3 (3/$4 in Metro Atlanta Ad)

  •  $1/3 Yellow Advantage Buy
Selected Publix Soft Drinks or Seltzer Water, 2L bottles, 2/$1

Tostitos Tortilla Chips, 10.87 to 15.62 oz bag (excluding Baked!, Light & Natural chips), limit two deals, 2/$6
  • $2 Off Produce wyb 1 bag of Tostitos Chips and 1 Jar of Tostitos Salsa or Queso Tearpad

Nabisco Chips Ahoy! Cookies, 10.2 to 15.25 oz pkg, 2/$5
  • $1/1 Peelie
  • .75/2; $1/2 from 08-23-09 SS
Publix GreenWise Market Organic Mustard Spicy Brown, Tangy Dijon, or Creamy Yellow, 12 oz bot, 1.79

Publix GreenWise Market Tortilla Chips, 9 oz bag, 2/$4

Publix GreenWise Market Organic Salsa, 16.5 oz jar, 2/$5

Publix GreenWise Market Cereal, organic or all natural, 14 to 16 oz box, 2.99

Publix GreenWise Market Instant Oatmeal Original or Maple Brown Sugar, 7.9 or 11.5 oz box, 1.99

Publix GreenWise Market Organic Beans Black, Pinto, Dark Red Kidney, Soy, or Garbanzo, 15 oz can, 1.09

Health and Beauty:

Publix GreenWise Market Complete One Multi-vitamin, 120 ct bot, 15.99

Suave Naturals Shampoo or Conditioner, 22.5 oz bot, (excluding Suave Kids Products), 1.19

Olay Regenerist Facial Products or Total Effects, 0.02 to 6.5 oz pkg, or 24 or 30 ct pkg, or Kits, 3.00 off.

  •  $1/1 Marie Claire Oct. 2009
CoverGirl Mascara, or Outlast Lip Products, 0.09 to 0.44 oz pkg, 40% off
  • $2/1 Any Covergirl Product Be aware Be empowered Be Well Pink Publix Flyer or Booklet
  • $1/1 Any Covergirl or Queen Item Green Advantage Buy
  • $1/1 from 8-30-09 PG 
Kotex Maxi Pads 14 to 24 ct pkg, or Lightdays Pantiliners, 40 to 64 ct pkg, 2/$5

  • $.75/1 Smart Savings Booklet
  • $1/1 from 08-23-09 SS
  • $2/1 Target Coupon 7-26-09 SS (expires 9/26) 
Excedrin Pain Medicine, 80 or 100 ct box, 6.99
  • $2/1 Single Page Flyer
  • $.75/1, $1.50/1 from 08-30-09 SS
  • $.50/1 from 07-12-09 SS
  • $2/1 100 ct. Peelie
St. Ives Swiss Formula Body Wash, or Body Lotion, 18 oz bot, or Facial Cleansers, 6 or 10 oz pkg, 2/$5
  • $1/1 from 09-20-09 SS
  • $1/2 K-Mart Total Savings Book
  • $1/1 Blinkie
Colgate Toothpaste 8.2 oz tube, or Colgate Wave or Total Professional Toothbrush, 2/$4
  • $1/1 from 09-13-09 SS
  • $1/1 Colgate Total PRINT
Listerine Advanced Antiseptic Mouthwash or Total Care, Agent Cool Blue or Smart Rinse, 500 ml bot, 3.69
  • $1/1 PRINT
  • B1G1 from 08-02-09 SS
  • $1/1 from 06-14-09 SS
Phillips’ Colon Health, 30 ct box, 9.99
  • $1/1 from 07-26-09 RP
  • $1/1 PRINT

Boost Nutritional Energy Drink, High Protein or Regular, 6 pk, 8 oz bot, 5.99

  • $2/1printable is available will update link later on
  • $1/1 Blinkie
  • $2/1 Tearpad
Publix GreenWise Market Paper Towels, 3 roll pkg, 2/$4

Publix Coffee Filters, basket style, regular or natural, 8 to 12 cup or regular, 1 to 4 cups, 200 ct pkg, 0.99

Publix 2X Ultra Laundry Detergent, or 2X High Efficiency, 50 oz bot, 2.99

Air Wick Scented Oil Refill, 0.71 oz pkg, 2/$5
  • FREE (up to $2.19) Air Wick Warmer Unit wyb Scented Oil Refill 08-30-09 SS
  • $1/1 Any (1) Twin Refill Pack Or $1/2 Single Refills – 08-30-09 SS
  • $1/2 PRINT (click on save now and then look under the Home Care Tab)
Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaner with Bleach: Rain Clean Gel or Fresh Scent; or Tough for Stains, 24 oz bot, 3/$5

Quilted Northern Bathroom Tissue unscented double rools: Soft and Strong or Ultra Plush, 12 roll pkg, 6.49

  •  $2/2 All You Sept. 2009
Brawny Paper Towels, Pure White, 8 roll pkg or Pick-A-Size: Big Rolls or 2 ply sheets, 6 or 8 roll pkg, 6.49

Publix Facial Tissues, 230 ct box, 3/$4

Publix Tall Kitchen Bags or Trash or Lawn & Leaf: With flap-ties closure or Tall Kitchen Bags with Drawstring closure, 13 to 39 gal, 32 to 85 ct pkg, 2/$9

Dixie Plates or Bowls, 20 to 48 ct pkg, 2/$4
  • -$1/2 from 08-16-09 RP 
  • -$.55/1 Blinkie 
  • -$.50/1 PRINT

Bottom Round Roast, 1.97/lb

Publix Naturally Hickory Smoked Bacon Original, Lower Sodium or Lower Sodium Thick-Sliced, 16 oz pkg, 2/$5

Ribeye Steaks, 6.99/lb

Whole Chicken, 0.79/lb

Veal Shoulder Blade Steaks, 3.99/lb

Veal for Stew, 4.99/lb

Specialty Burgers Blue Cheese, Horseradish Cheddar, Jalepeno or Bacon and Cheddar, 4.59/lb

Flank Steak, 5.99/lb

Publix GreenWise Market T-Bone Steaks or Porterhouse, 8.99/lb

Diner’s Choice Mashed Potatoes Original, Sweet, Sour Cream & Chives, Country Style or Garlic, 32 oz pkg, 2/$5

Publix Extra Thin-Sliced Meats Ham: Cooked or Honey or Turkey Breast: Oven Roasted, Smoked or Honey Smoked, 9 oz tub, 2/$5

Jimmy Dean Pork Sausage Roll Light, Mild, Hot, Sage, Maple or Italian, 12 or 16 oz pkg, 2/$5

Whole Beef Tenderloin, 8.99/lb

Whole fresh Picnic Ham, 0.99/lb

Tyson Chicken Breast Fillets or Strips or Tenderloins, Breaded Fully Cooked, 25 oz pkg, 6.99

Ground Sirloin, 3.49/lb

Ground Sirloin Patties, 3.79/lb

Publix GreenWise Market Whole Chicken, 1.99/lb


Purina Dog Chow Dry Dog Food or Puppy Chow or Indoor Complete Little Bites, 17.6 to 20 lb bag, 9.99

  •  $1/1 Peelie
Purina ONE Cat Food, 3.3 or 3.5 lb bag, 2/$10

  • $2/1 One Stop One Store Booklet
  • $3/1 from 09-13-09 RP
Fancy Feast Gourmet Cat Food, 3 oz can, 10/$5

  •  $1/6 from 09-13-09 RP 
  • $1/24 from 08-09-09 RP

Asparagus, 2.49/lb

Tropicana Pure Premium Orange Juice or Ruby Red Grapefruit, 64 oz carton, 2/$6

  •  .$50/1 Tearpad 
Navel Oranges, 1.29/lb

Tree-Ripened Peaches or Nectarines, 1.49/lb

Publix Salad Blend Spring Mix, American, European, Italian, Hearts of Romaine or Caesar Salad Kit, 5 to 12 oz, 2/$4

Del Monte Golden Ripe Pineapple, Whole or Peeled and Cored, 3.99

California Bartlett Pears, 0.88/lb

Western Cantaloupes, 2/$4

Grape Tomatoes, 1 pint pkg, 1.49

Baking Potatoes, 0.69/lb

Portabella Mushrooms, sliced or whole, 6 oz pkg, 1.99

Fruit Salad, 2.49/lb

Red Globe Grapes, 1.49/lb

Prune Plums, 0.79/lb

Sunny Delight Punch, 64 oz bot, 3/$5

Organic Celery Hearts, 1.99
Fresh Salmon Fillets, Never Frozen, Farm-Raised, 6.99/lb

Stuffed Salmon Pinwheels, Ready-to-Cook, 7.99/lb

Small Lobster Tails, previously frozen, wild harvested, 3 oz minimum, 4.99

In Ad Qs:
$3.00 Off the purchase of one Huggies Diaper Box, Supreme, 48 to 76 ct, Snug & Dry, 60 to 96 ct, Pull-Ups, 33 to 44 ct or Goodnites, 21 to 27 ct. Limit one deal per coupon per customer.

$3.00 Off the purchase of one Pampers Big Pack Box Diapers, Cruisers, 48, 56, 64 or 76 ct box, or Baby Dry, 60, 70, 82 or 96 ct box. Limit one deal per coupon per customer.

(the sales--other than BOGOs were borrowed from

Monday, September 21, 2009

Where Do I Print Internet Printables??

Internet printables (hereafter to be known as IP's) can be printed on any home computer once you install the printer software that is very easy to download. Below are the 'main' sites that I have found to be super easy to print from.

All of these offer coupons accessible at almost anytime. If you have any problems/concerns/issues, please do not hesistate to contact me via e-mail. I am more than willing to help where I can. I print a lot of coupons and my suggestion is to print in black and white. If you use color, you are really just wasting ink. All the coupons say that they may appear in black and white or in color. Save more money by using the cheaper black ink only!

Anyone Like Cheap Magazines?

Right now, Amazon is offering a DEEP discount on a subscription of InStyle. You can get it for only $5.00 for the one year subscription! There are also discounts offered on other subscriptions. Time is very cheap if you have someone you know that is interested in this!

You can just click here for the InStyle subscription.

All others you can view on Amazon's website. Just search for the magazines you enjoy. Please note, not all subscriptions are at a great rate. Be sure to check now and again, because they will change what is offered at discount every now and again!

I have been meaning to get another subscription to Family Fun. I find that it has so much neat information. Well, I ended up getting InStyle, Parents and Family Fun all for $15.22! It would have been more but, apparently, if you are a first time customer, you get $10 off of your first purchase!

Happy Shopping!!

Got Kitty?

Not sure how many of you out there have cats and/or dogs, but I now have joined the bunch that DO have a cat. I know, I know. Before you go into hypersteam, just know that, due to my children's allergies, this is an outdoor cat. She just showed up looking skinny and starving to death. Everyone knows the rule of what not to do when an animal shows up at your house right? Don't feed it. Whoops, broke that rule right off! I am not going to let anything be hungry.

So, I now must begin to look at cat food deals among groceries. Let's see how this works. If anyone finds any deals related to cat's, post them in the comments here. This one will not be coming inside, so I don't need to have litter and such. I will, however, find what deals that I can for all of you that do have indoor kittens or pups.

This is sure to be an interesting time; as I have NEVER needed to look for pet-related deals before. I know for a fact that these deals are out there. Sometimes, free! So, let's head out on this journey and see what the weekly ads have in store for us!

Saturday, September 19, 2009


I wanted to post a little 'vocabulary' lesson about coupons. So many folks that are starting out don't understand all the types of coupons and how to use them. It was a nightmare to me! I hope that this can be of use to someone.

MANUFACTURER COUPON- A coupon that a manufacturer of a product puts either in a newspaper insert, online, home mailer, etc...

STORE COUPON- A coupon that is ONLY good at ONE STORE. Publix and Bi-Lo both have these. Publix has booklets in the front of their store in a little kiosk thing that has coupons. However, sometimes there will be manufacturer coupons in these books. Bi-Lo normally has their store coupons in the Bonus Saver that you can find in the front of the store next to the weekly ads. Also, please note that PUBLIX will take a competitor's store coupon! You should be able to 'stack' a store and a manufacturer coupon to maximize savings. Some stores will not allow you to; even though it is their corporate policy to accept it.

STACKING-Using more than one coupon legally. For example, you cannot buy one box of cereal and use two manufacturer coupons. You could, however, use a Publix store coupon and a manufacturer coupon for one box of cereal unless either coupon prohibits it.

BOGO-Stands for Buy One, Get One. Unless otherwise noted, it means buy one, get one FREE when listed on this blog.

CATALINA COUPON- A coupon that prints at check-out. Publix has yet to get these. Quite honestly, I don't look for them to. Food Lion has some REALLY great deals along with their coupons every now and again. One time, they had a special one that if you bought seven Kellogg's cereals you got a $10 Catalina. The cereal went buy one, get one free (BOGO from here on out). I loaded up. I spent 11.19 on seven boxes of cereal and got back a $10 Catalina to use on my next order. What do you think I did? ROLLED IT!

ROLLING- When you put a coupon right back into what you just did. For example, when I did the cereal deal and got that catalina, I went right back and got more cereal. I believe at one point in time we had a little over 250 boxes. It is all gone now, but it was great while it lasted. I never thought I would hear my kids say they were sick of Frosted Flakes, Froot Loops and Corn Pops! LOL.

IP - Coupon that is printed off of the internet.

OOP - The amount of money you spent Out Of your Pocket.

OYNO- This stands for On Your Next Order (on your next purchase).

PEELIES-These are coupons that are stuck to a product like a sticker and you have to peel them off. These are most always a manufacturer coupon. The only time I have ran into anything different is at Publix. About half the time at Publix, they are store coupons. Also note, that many times these do say VOID UNLESS REMOVED BY CASHIER. This is because they have older products that they want to get rid of. Check the dates on products BEFORE you purchase them!

UPC-The barcode of an item

WINE TAG-A coupon that is found on the neck of a wine bottle.

RAIN CHECK-These are essentially IOU's from a store to you. When they run out of something that is on sale, you can as for one of these in order to allow you to come back to purchase these items at the sale price; even if the sale has ended. If they are out of something, I always ask for a raincheck even if I did not go in to buy it. That way, if coupons come along for that item that make it a good buy, I get a savings!

STOCKPILE-This means to purchase multiples of the same item to have some on hand at all times.

Friday, September 18, 2009

SwagBucks--A Neat Way To Earn Free Stuff

I joined swagbucks after I saw the information on Jane4Girls' blog. It is a site where you earn points that can be traded in for gift cards to all kinds of places! You can earn them by searching, shopping or referrals! Really, really neat program! There are two referral links on this page. If you are going to join, please do it through one of these links as I earn points if you join through me! It is FREE!!

We Have A Google Group!

I set up a Google Group so that we would have a message board for those interested. You can access the group by clicking here.

I hope everyone will join and introduce themselves! I am super excited about getting the ads and match ups done starting next week!

A Little Bit Of Information...

Bi-Lo doubles coupons up to sixty cents. Publix doubles up to fifty cents. Ingles doubles up to fifty cents as well. However, the way that Ingles has their policy means that I don't do coupon deals there. I do get my meats from Ingles when they go on sale. Food Lion has ran triple coupon promotions occassionally throughout the past; I do not look for them to come back around anytime soon though.

Coupons start with one of two barcode numbers. It is either a '5' or a '9'. If it is a '5' then the coupon doubles. If it is a '9' then it will not double.

If you are shopping at Bi-Lo, Ingles, Publix or Food Lion and they have buy one-get one free promotions, you can get just one of the item at half price. You do not have to purchase two in order to take advantage of the sale. Same thing goes with a '10 for 10 sale' (Bi-Lo is famous for these sales!). You can get 2 for 2 or 5 for 5; they each ring up at $1.

If you have any other questions, please do ask! I am always happy to help!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

All About Me

Hello to you all! My name is Melinda Carter. I am a twenty-five year old mother of four. I have two boys and two girls. They range in age from eleven to seven months. I am married to Tony. We have been together for over six years.

I began couponing in 2006 after the birth of my son in 2005. Due to the ages of our children, my getting a job would have been pointless. I mean, can you imagine having three in daycare at the ages of eight, three and seven months? Hence, we had to be a one-income family. At the time that I started couponing, our income was just not going as far as we desperately needed it to.

I had been watching the news one night and saw a piece on Faye Prosser. She was on WYFF-4 and I heard her say something that rang so deep within me, I just knew I had to do it. She said, "Doing this means that we will pay off our mortgage before we are retired. I paid for my van with what I have saved." I needed a van. More than anyone knows! I had a small car that leaked oil and I never felt safe going anywhere in; especially with my kids. So, I found a YAHOO! Group that was called SC Bargain Hunters. From that, I met Pamela Key and she showed me the way.

I began small. Starting with things like free hot sauce or ten-cent shampoo or even free toothpaste. It seems like an eternity ago now, but man... I thought that was the best thing ever!

So, when you read this blog, please know that couponing means so much to me. It means that I can live in a house that is actually big enough for us now. It means that I can have two vans that I feel safe and secure in driving. I no longer have to be concerned with not being able to afford gas in my car and putting only five or six dollars in at a time. Couponing has saved my life so much. I really hope that I can give the same thing back to at least one person! If I succeed in that, then I have done my repayment for what was taught to me.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Post To Start This Blog

If everything goes to plan, I will begin listing out the sales next week. I will also copy and paste the projected coupons. Of course, please do not rely on this as sometimes Spartanburg and Greenville papers have different inserts.

You can determine if the inserts are the same by looking at the 'spine' of the coupon sections. It will have a listing of all of the papers that the section went in. One thing that I have noticed is if there is a VIVA paper towel coupon, the coupon always has a higher value in the Spartanburg paper. Just so you guys will know to notice for amounts.

Over the next few days, I will be putting up some neat coupon and smart shopping related facts. I hope that you guys enjoy them!