Monday, September 21, 2009

Got Kitty?

Not sure how many of you out there have cats and/or dogs, but I now have joined the bunch that DO have a cat. I know, I know. Before you go into hypersteam, just know that, due to my children's allergies, this is an outdoor cat. She just showed up looking skinny and starving to death. Everyone knows the rule of what not to do when an animal shows up at your house right? Don't feed it. Whoops, broke that rule right off! I am not going to let anything be hungry.

So, I now must begin to look at cat food deals among groceries. Let's see how this works. If anyone finds any deals related to cat's, post them in the comments here. This one will not be coming inside, so I don't need to have litter and such. I will, however, find what deals that I can for all of you that do have indoor kittens or pups.

This is sure to be an interesting time; as I have NEVER needed to look for pet-related deals before. I know for a fact that these deals are out there. Sometimes, free! So, let's head out on this journey and see what the weekly ads have in store for us!

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