Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What I Am Getting At Publix.

Below is what I am getting this week at Publix.

10 Lysol Basin, Tub & Tile (BOGO-so this will be 2.99 for two)
10 Spray'n'Wash spray bottles (BOGO-so this will be 2.99 for two)
2 Birds Eye Viola! Meals (BOGO-so this will be 4.99 for two)
10 Fantastic Cleaner (BOGO-so this will be 2.79 for two)
10 Smart Balance 50/50 Sticks  (BOGO= 3.49 for two)
10 YoPlus!  Yogurt (BOGO=2.50 for two)
2 Mt. Olive Pickle Jars (BOGO=2.19 for two)
4 Ronzoni Pasta (BOGO=1.30 for two)
10 Kellogg's Waffles (BOGO=1.99 for two)
4 Dole Fruit Gels (BOGO=2.69 for two)


10 Lysol Sprays=14.95
10 Spray'n'Wash=14.95
4 Birds Eye Meals=9.98
10 Fantastic Sprays=13.95
10 Smart Balance=17.45
10 YoPlus! = 12.50
2 Mt. Olive=2.19
4 Ronzoni Pastas=2.60
10 Kellogg's Waffles=9.95
4 Dole Gels=5.38
subtotal before coupons: $103.90

(10) .50/1 Lysol *doubling=$1/1=($10.00)
(10) .50/1 Spray'n'Wash*doubling=$1/1=($10.00)
(4) $1/1 Voila! = ($4.00)
(10) $1/1 Fantastic=($10.00)
(10) $1.50/1 Smart Balance Sticks=($15.00)
(10) $1/1 YoPlus!=($10.00)
(2) .50/1 Mt. Olive*doubling=$1/1=($2.00)
(2) $1/2 Ronzoni Printables=($2.00)
(5) Free Publix Bag wyb 2 Kellogg's Products (These are not included in my prices--they are just a bonus to what I was going to buy anyway.)
(4)$1/1 Dole Gel=($4.00)

My total, after coupons and sales will be: $36.90!

Since I never buy anything unless it is on sale, I don't consider the pre-sale price as 'savings' in my budget.  I only count the savings by coupons and the amount that they saved me off of the sale price.

My percentage of savings for this trip is:  64.48%

UPDATE!!!  There is a coupon for 3.00/5 Quaker Products in the Bi-Lo Bonus Saver.  If you are interested in getting anything from Publix; please note that they have a policy to accept competitor coupons.  It does say manufacturer on it, but they normally run it as a competitor.  So just hand it to them and don't say anything unless they ask for it.

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