Thursday, September 17, 2009

All About Me

Hello to you all! My name is Melinda Carter. I am a twenty-five year old mother of four. I have two boys and two girls. They range in age from eleven to seven months. I am married to Tony. We have been together for over six years.

I began couponing in 2006 after the birth of my son in 2005. Due to the ages of our children, my getting a job would have been pointless. I mean, can you imagine having three in daycare at the ages of eight, three and seven months? Hence, we had to be a one-income family. At the time that I started couponing, our income was just not going as far as we desperately needed it to.

I had been watching the news one night and saw a piece on Faye Prosser. She was on WYFF-4 and I heard her say something that rang so deep within me, I just knew I had to do it. She said, "Doing this means that we will pay off our mortgage before we are retired. I paid for my van with what I have saved." I needed a van. More than anyone knows! I had a small car that leaked oil and I never felt safe going anywhere in; especially with my kids. So, I found a YAHOO! Group that was called SC Bargain Hunters. From that, I met Pamela Key and she showed me the way.

I began small. Starting with things like free hot sauce or ten-cent shampoo or even free toothpaste. It seems like an eternity ago now, but man... I thought that was the best thing ever!

So, when you read this blog, please know that couponing means so much to me. It means that I can live in a house that is actually big enough for us now. It means that I can have two vans that I feel safe and secure in driving. I no longer have to be concerned with not being able to afford gas in my car and putting only five or six dollars in at a time. Couponing has saved my life so much. I really hope that I can give the same thing back to at least one person! If I succeed in that, then I have done my repayment for what was taught to me.

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  1. Thank you so much for doing this! I hope to learn a lot and save a ton of money!